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A Light & Love
Wellness Centre
in Dartmouth, NS
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ALL Yoga Wellness Centre in Dartmouth, NS

I, along with a few other friends, signed up for the Yoga Introductory Course in February – and we all LOVED it. I remember in the first class, you shared many words of wisdom and mentioned that Yoga becomes addictive – you were right, we all still love it and cannot get enough of it. I love the way it makes me feel and is definitely a great thing to do for your body, mind and spirit – in every [More…]

Marge, age 57
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We are on a mission to help ALL people uncover their divine nature and guide them to live in the Light of the truth of their endless capacity to Love.


We honour the tradition of Yoga and offer sanctuary for ALL people to develop a personal practice for the health of their body, their mind and their spirit.


We believe that we are ALL one and that together we can change our world.

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