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A Light & Love
Wellness Centre
in Dartmouth, NS
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ALL Yoga Wellness Centre in Dartmouth, NS


The classes I’ve attended at the studio have meant a lot to me… I feel calmer, stronger, healthier. When I leave the studio I feel energized (not tired!!) and ready to face the day no matter what comes my way. I’ve really missed all of you this summer and I can’t wait to get back into it when you re-open on Tuesday! My body thanks you for being there!

Kim, age 43

With their expert teachings Kim and the teachers at the ALL Yoga studio have been instrumental in providing me with the tools I need to become healthier. This past year I had major surgery and yoga became an intricate part of my healing process. It has enabled me to not only recover from my surgery more quickly but strengthened me through my chemo treatments as well. With the ongoing encouragement and support I receive from the yoga teachers at ALL Yoga I have been able to maintain a positive attitude that is energizing me, and making me stronger and healthier on my road to recovery by creating a sense of peace, ridding my body of toxins and building up my immunity and defenses. To me yoga is the perfect exercise, when God created us, he formed us all differently, we all come in different sizes and shapes yet in yoga one can use their own body to build strength from within. One does not need expensive equipment to exercise because our creator created us with all we need inside of us to become fit, yoga teaches us how to use it, how good does it get!

I feel very blessed to be able to practice there.

Barb, age 54

I joined the centre in the fall of 2009 after having sold our business after 26 years. I needed a place for me and a space that would settle me after so many years of go, go, go! I found what I was looking for with Kim and her team right away!

The centre is welcoming, relaxing, invigorating and renewing all at the same time, depending on what you need on any particular day. I truly enjoy the Relax and Renew, restorative and Vinaysa Flow classes. They all work for me as there are days when I need to heal and other days when I really want to work and challenge myself. The instructors take you as far as you want to go and feel you can go.

The special readings at the beginning or ending of classes are always moving and thought provoking, something you can take with you out into the world. Kim is always challenging herself to develop and grow in the field of yoga and is truly apparent in all she does. The new ALL YOGA Centre will continue to be my “special place” and I trust it will be yours too!

Tanya, age 46

I, along with a few other friends, signed up for the Yoga Introductory Course in February – and we all LOVED it. I remember in the first class, you shared many words of wisdom and mentioned that Yoga becomes addictive – you were right, we all still love it and cannot get enough of it. I love the way it makes me feel and is definitely a great thing to do for your body, mind and spirit – in every way. You made me feel so welcome and comfortable on my first visit to the studio and I truly enjoy all of the classes, and just being there. The studio is a beautiful and safe place to be – very comfortable and relaxing. Love all the teachers and their classes, as they all possess the same gentleness and kindness that you share with everyone.

Marge, age 57

I love where I practice because it is a welcoming, peaceful environment where I can let go and be embraced by calm. It’s not only a spiritual oasis but a place of community where I can be who I am through the oneness of yoga. I am happy to celebrate life in this safe haven. Kim, I look forward to seeing you in person and celebrating the 1 year anniversary! thank you for continuing to shine your light


I love yoga because it incorporates strength-building exercises and flexibility.

Bonnie, age 27

After my pregnancy I was looking for a place that would motivate me and encourage me to get back into shape.  At ALL YOGA I found more!  It was a safe environment in which I could explore my inner strength and really get to know myself again.  When life is extremely busy with children, work, bills, etc. it is refreshing to know there is a place I can calm my mind.  Not only do the teachers at ALL YOGA challenge me and guide me to become a stronger person (inside and out) but they have inspired me to share with others the gift of yoga.  I can’t thank Kim and her group of wonderful teachers for allowing me to be part of such an amazing community.

Gillian, age 31

I think one of the main differences about All Yoga is that it’s NOT trendy, it’s consistent! One of the things I love the most, is the lack of intimidation. It’s the only yoga studio I’ve been to that feels that way. It really is a place for ALL of us!  In ALL shapes, sizes and ages!

B, age 36

ALL Yoga is such a beautiful, energy-filled space. My first 4 Wednesday nights when I came in to do the ALL Foundations Workshop, I took a deep breath and forgot all about school, homework, and stress. When I leave, I feel 100% more energized, healthy, and aware. Yoga is such a great practice for anybody, and ALL YOGA is an amazing studio! I encourage more younger people to try it out… You can be sure you will love it! I am most definitely sticking with this!

Catherine, age 13

As a chiropractor, I often recommend yoga to my patients.  The benefits are wide-ranging, from increased strength and flexibility, to pain reduction, and an enhanced sense of well-being.  I enjoyed collaborating with Kim on the “Gentle Back” class and personally love “Active Core”.  ALL Yoga has classes for all abilities; Kim and her staff help everyone feel welcome, regardless of experience, age or fitness level.

Dr. Tracy Payne B.Sc. D.C.

“There are many yoga studios and many more yoga instructors. Kim is one of those rare individuals who believes in the utter abundance of life, and lives it by example, through all the ups and downs of life both on and off the mat. She is a leader, from whom any student will learn more about how to find that elusive, but all-powerful road to their deepest center. At ALL YOGA, you’ll tone and transform your body, to be sure–but even more important is the inner strength you’ll gain from having the consistent support of Kim and her empowering community. Run, don’t walk (unless it’s a walking meditation!) to ALL YOGA!”

~Sadie Nadini, Ultimate Wellness Expert and Creator of Core Strength Vinyasa

Sadie is on faculty at the esteemed mind/body campuses Omega and Kripalu, and tours with the Yoga Journal Conferences. She’s the Ultimate Wellness and Yoga expert for the Dr. Oz-based website phenomenon Sharecare. Her accessible teaching style, down-to-earth yoga tips and centered living tools are regularly covered by the national media, including Elle, Glamour, Self, the New York Times, CNN, Yoga Journal, and more.

Sadie Nardini, Ultimate Wellness Expert & Creator of Core Strength Vinyasa

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