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A Light & Love
Wellness Centre
in Dartmouth, NS
(902) 407-4325
ALL Yoga Wellness Centre in Dartmouth, NS

“There are many yoga studios and many more yoga instructors. Kim is one of those rare individuals who believes in the utter abundance of life, and lives it by example, through all the ups and downs of life both on and off the mat. She is a leader, from whom any student will learn more about how to find that elusive, but all-powerful road to their deepest center. At ALL YOGA, you’ll tone and transform your body, to be sure–but [More…]

Sadie Nardini, Ultimate Wellness Expert & Creator of Core Strength Vinyasa
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Our Space


Please leave your shoes, coats and bags in the lobby area of the studio. The doors will be locked while you are in class. Please remember to turn off your cell phones.


You are welcome to bring your water bottle inside. We do not sell water at the studio but have fresh filtered tap water available at all times. You can choose to fill your own bottle or borrow one of our reusable mugs.


All of the bolsters, pillows, foam block, straps, blankets and eye pillows are for your use while you are in class. Sometimes the teacher will give you specific instruction on what props may be required. Acquiring one block and one strap is generally a good idea.

Talking in the studio

We are a community that shares.  We do not have an expectation of silence in the studio and encourage you to reach out to your yoga neighbours before and after class.

Yoga Mats

Bring your own or borrow one of ours.  No one has a “spot” so don’t worry and just roll out your mat and have a seat (this is where one of those blocks may come in handy!).  If you use borrowed a mat, please roll up and place in the bin inside the studio and we will take care to sanitize it for you.


The studio is located on the second floor. There is an elevator available to the right of the stairs on the first floor for those who wish to access it.  The studio is accessible.  Please make us aware of special needs you may have.


There are excellent accessible washroom facilities located just across the hall. The washrooms are large enough to change in. We do not have shower, changing area or locker facilities.

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