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A Light & Love
Wellness Centre
in Dartmouth, NS
(902) 407-4325
ALL Yoga Wellness Centre in Dartmouth, NS

ALL Yoga is such a beautiful, energy-filled space. My first 4 Wednesday nights when I came in to do the ALL Foundations Workshop, I took a deep breath and forgot all about school, homework, and stress. When I leave, I feel 100% more energized, healthy, and aware. Yoga is such a great practice for anybody, and ALL YOGA is an amazing studio! I encourage more younger people to try it out… You can be sure you will love it! I [More…]

Catherine, age 13
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Private Yoga Lessons

Sometimes private lessons best suit our needs — we may be recuperating from an injury, enjoy smaller classes, want classes at our home or with our friends, or need some flexibility in scheduling.

Private or semi-private (up to 3 people) lessons are available. Semi-private can be with your friends, family or co-workers. All classes are 45 – 60 minutes long.

We schedule private and semi-private classes around our regularly scheduled classes in the studio — but we can also come to you (for an additional fee) if you have the space.

We recommend purchasing the 5-Class Package so that you can start to feel the difference yoga can make in your life (plus it’s the best deal!).

If you are interested in private lessons, please let us know:

1. If you are interested in a group yoga class or a private yoga class.

2. What style and/or level of yoga you are interested in.

3. Where you would like the class to take place.

4. What days and times of the week are preferred.

5. Any physical limitations that you are dealing with.

Please email ( or call the studio (preferably between 9:30 and 2:30, Mondays to Fridays) with this information to get started.

Price List

 Private Class (1 person)  $65/class
 Private: 5 Class Package  $225 (i.e. $45/class)
 Semi-Private Class (2-3 people)  $50/person/class
 Semi-Private: 5 Class Package  $200/person (i.e. $40/person/class)
 Group Lesson: 5 Class Package (max 10 people)  $500 (i.e. $100/class)

If you would like us to go to you, there is an additional fee of $15 for a Dartmouth location and $25 for a Halifax location.

Please note: All prices are before taxes. The 5 Class Packages must be paid in advance.  48 hours must be given before the first session to make a cancellation.  After this time the full purchase is non-refundable and non-transferable.

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