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A Light & Love
Wellness Centre
in Dartmouth, NS
(902) 407-4325
ALL Yoga Wellness Centre in Dartmouth, NS

I love where I practice because it is a welcoming, peaceful environment where I can let go and be embraced by calm. It’s not only a spiritual oasis but a place of community where I can be who I am through the oneness of yoga. I am happy to celebrate life in this safe haven. Kim, I look forward to seeing you in person and celebrating the 1 year anniversary! thank you for continuing to shine your light

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Yoga Teacher Training for 2017

We are completely re-creating our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training so that students will learn how to live yoga not just practice or teach it. Thus, our Yoga Teacher Training will focus on fostering spiritual growth through the understanding and practice of the proper alignment of poses, class sequencing and dynamics, pranayama, meditation, mantras, and yoga philosophy.

If this sounds interesting to you, stay tuned! We’ll be giving more updates over the next year. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to put your name on a waiting list. In the meantime, Ama La Vida!

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