Online Football – The Games of the Future

The American football game played on the tabletop on a metal vibrating field for fun by all age groups is termed as electric football. This game was created by Tudor games in 1947 used a vibrating car race game made by Tudor in form of base for the entire technology on games. This game gained such high popularity and a big sale in market that more than 40 million sets of this game have been sold in market and every year new editions are launched and sold.

In January 2006, the electric football league held its 12th annual official electric football super bowl and convention headquartered in Highland Park, Illinois. This game is played just like real football where on a small metal field plastic players are placed in an arrangement. A small piece of form or felt is given a shape of a ball is placed presumed to be a football.

After the setting up of players switch activation turns superslot on a small electric motor causing vibrations on the field. This game gives you all players needed for fun football team on offense and defense and movement basis that allows a particular player that hopefully runs on particular rules. Game field is vibrated with an electric buzz to set players in motion. In an unpredictable manner the players take flight and it seems out of imagination. Set up your formations first then turn the switch on and off accordingly.

To allow the player to move, each player is attached to a base with prongs with dials that you can turn to run the player in left and right direction. Triple threat quarterback (TTQ) is a special player present in the game that allows other players to play, punk and kick field goals. The ball is placed on the tee of on the TTQ and there is a plastic leg fixed to kick the ball. Earlier versions included just little clicker type device to flip around the ball and later little felt footballs were included.

In The electric football you use your skill to create your own football heroes in 2D electronic game board. True ground shaking actions can be experienced. Players can run in any direction wearing hand painted football uniforms and jerseys. The set includes a colorful playing field, adjustable scoreboard, 22 players of the 2006 Super Bowl teams -including 2 “triple threat” quarterbacks that kick, run and pass, a magnetic first-down marker, a scale 10-yard chain and an official rule book.