Paralegal services are those services that provide help to the lawyers in back-office operations.It gives a group of senior and master experts who follow through on-request paralegal administrations to different law offices and corporate associations.Paralegal services consist of numerous tasks such as writing legal reports for the case trial, investigating the facts of the case, drafting correspondence and documents, and preparing for corporate meetings, hearings, and trials. It also includes quick research, assistance on a variety of cases, and litigation matters.

These services help to broaden the capabilities of solo and small firms and serve all sized projects and provide legal support across a wide range of practice areas and control international costs.

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In Canada, claims of less than $30,000 are heard in the Small Claims Division of the Local Court. The purpose of the small claims division is to deal with minor legal matters in a way that is more accessible to the ordinary person.


A SMALL-CLAIMS court is a specialized tribunal created by statute, with specific duties and powers. It is designed to provide a judicial determination of disputes involving small amounts of money. Its procedure is significant for inexpensiveness, speed, and simplicity.

A claimant or plaintiff cannot sue for an injunction in small claims court. This particular court will only grant monetary judgments. In other words, an injunction prevents harm–often irreparable harm–as distinguished from most court decisions, which are designed to provide a remedy for harm that has already occurred. Ex. domestic abuse. Injunctions can be temporary, pending a consideration of the issue later at trial (these are called interlocutory decrees or preliminary injunctions). Judges can also issue permanent injunctions at the end of trials. Therefore, the judge can only order the defendant to pay monetary damages in small claims court.


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Benefits and Procedures of Small-Claims Courts 17 party, 2 fomenting quarrels, and encouraging lawsuits have their counterparts in our criminal law,3 and a proponent of a plan to make it easier to litigate should be prepared for disagreements.

Perhaps there is no complete answer to such attitudes, but it may be argued that our constitutional guarantees of equal protection of the law must be made good; that quite aside from encouraging unjustified claims there is need to see that no obstacles are placed in the way of those whose claims are meritorious; that unless the great majority of the people in a democracy have confidence in the administration of justice the foundations of the State are insecure.

More than in any other way that confidence is engendered by satisfactory personal contacts by the individual in his own cases. If he knows that the obtaining of justice is inexpensive, speedy, and not too cumbersome, he will be less easily persuaded to seek disorderly methods of changing the present system. Criticisms of our judicial machinery are so prevalent as to warrant careful thought on the part of those primarily charged with its operation. The records of existing small-claims courts demonstrate that they do provide the individual, irrespective of his means, with a satisfactory device for disposing of small money claims. Some of them, by provisions for conciliation, emphasize the desirability of amicable adjustment of difficulties. The simplicity of access to them appeals to the general public.