Planning for a Long Distance Move

A long distance move is defined by any move that takes you more than 50-100 miles from your old home. With such a broad definition, it can be used to describe a move that takes you to the other side of the country or a move that takes you to the other side of the state. But the one thing all long distance moves have in common is that they require careful planning and a lot.

You are not alone though; There are countless resources available to help you through the planning process for a long distance move, including what you are reading right now, and this helpful guide, which explains in depth the intricacies of long distance moving.

However, once you understand what you can expect from a long distance move, you will want to start planning it and there is no better place to start than right here.

How far is the move?
The first step in the planning process is to analyze the duration of this long-distance movement. Why is this important? Well, it is important for many reasons, one of which is that the distance of your move will be a big factor in how you need to prepare. Although both are considered long-distance commuters, a transfer from New York to San Francisco will be very different and will require different types of planning than a transfer from New York to Boston.déménagement Montréal

Calculating the total mileage of the move and defining all the options for transportation and how you plan to get from point A to point B is a crucial first step in the planning process because it will help you make crucial next decisions you will have to make, for example , …