Taking Pictures of Wild Animals

This topic can be exciting, have an element of danger and take a long time but, when done right, it can also be very rewarding. Being in the right place at the right time and in perfect circumstances will mean an invaluable group of images of wild animals.

The first thing to say is to use caution! We must especially remember that these creatures are wild animals, no matter how beautiful that fox is or how cuddly that bear is. They become very irritable when they discover us in their world. But if you’re careful, quiet, and patient, you can get the shot.

While hiking along your favorite trail, keep your eyes and ear always on the alert. The smallest movement needs to be controlled silently because it could be the perfect opportunity for the wildlife image you’ve always dreamed of. Sometimes I choose a place that has a lot of animal tracks and rustling leaves to sit and watch for a while. I hide a short distance away and sit quietly, waiting to see which creature has been there. It doesn’t take long before you’re suddenly lucky.

In preparation for the frenzy of your wildlife photos, here are a few things to consider:

We recommend that you take out the camera and maybe even the tripod and prepare for the creature.
Make sure you have the zoom lens ready in case you need it. You don’t want to move much when the creature is visible.
Check your lighting and where you need to be for the perfect backdrop.
You don’t want to sit in the woods with a thermos of your favorite coffee. These creatures have a keen sense of smell and will spot you before you even take that thermos out of your backpack.
When I take photos of wild animals, I try to capture them in their element. It is easy to photograph them as they run along the path, but a beautiful image is evident when you take the picture with them in their hidden world. Also, I try to catch their eyes.

It is best when you can take this photo when they don’t know you are there because they are relaxed and going about their business. If they see you, you’ll catch that wild, scared look that isn’t always what you want. With a little patience and a little luck, these tips will bring you a memorable experience and a valuable collection of wildlife photos. Bramptonwildlife.ca