The Charm of the Dubai Desert and Its Wild Life

The Arabian Peninsula is home to the small state of Dubai. We are aware that the entire Arabian Peninsula is basically a desert with some arid mountains and hills as part of the landscape. Dubai is no exception and has a similar landscape.

The desert is not what we generally think of as dry and hospitable. It really has a charm of its own. But the problem of water scarcity is omnipresent and affects life in the desert. Furthermore, the daytime temperatures are high and the nighttime temperatures low due to the peculiar properties of the sand. In Dubai, desert temperatures can vary to extreme levels.

Due to the extreme heat their is a big effect on wild life. Thus only animals that can withstand the heat can survive in the desert. Thus most animals such as the sandskunk and sand boa move quickly under the surface of the loose sand or spend time in deep burrows and holes. Most species only emerge at night when the desert is cooler.

Birds can only survive in the desert if they are hardy as birds like animals cannot burrow in the sand. Therefore many species migrate to cooler places.

The UAE has very few bird species. However, the desert eagle, long-legged buzzard, owl and brown-necked raven can be seen in the desert. Also seen are the cream colored courser and the black crowned finch. During the winter months these local species are joined by migratory birds from Central Asia such as the bird and the bustard.

However, the deserts are teeming with a fair number of reptiles. These are the main animals that inhabit the desert. Giant desert lizards and monitors measuring one meter in length are quite common. Snakes also survive in desert sands, and the poisonous desert viper rules the roost. Most snakes crawl into the sand and only come out when the sun is not there.

Mammals are the worst sick in the desert. Thus over the past hundred years there has been a slow extinction of mammals. However, some desert varieties of wolf, stripe hyena, and jackal have survived.In addition, two species of gazelle, including the mountain gazelle, can be seen on the main roads between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Another exotic animal that can be seen is the sand cat. But it is close to extinction. But now poaching and any form of killing of wild life in the desert are strictly

The desert has now been open to tourists and they can see the sand dunes as they stand