Understanding the Difference Between 5050 and 3528 LED Tape

Driven Tape comes in two essential chip sizes; 5050 and 3528. There is no mystery to these numbers as they essentially mean the length and width of the individual LED chips. 5050 alludes to 5.0mm x 5.0mm chips while 3528 alludes to 3.5mm x 2.8mm chips.

Marginally more troublesome anyway is concluding which to pick and, sadly, it very well may be hard attempting to prod some level headed, fair-minded guidance out of your retailer. Eventually, the chip size you pick ought to be fit to your application, however it should likewise fit inside your spending plan, so ensure you strike a nice trade off.

The central distinction between these two kindsĀ line and load regulation of chip is their brilliance. Because of their bigger surface territory, 5050 chips produce much more light than a 3528 chip. For that reasons 5050 chips for the most part serve better in applications that require a ton of light. An illustration of this might be a shop window show where the LED Tape needs to contend with the light of the sun during the day to stay apparent.

3528 chips are typically adequate for most homegrown applications, for example, under bureau lighting, etc. Be that as it may, this isn’t a general guideline. The measure of light a strip light delivers is additionally dictated by the quantity of LEDs per meter, so remember to calculate this your dynamic interaction also.

The bigger size of the 5050 chip likewise implies that it burns-through more force than the more modest 3528 chips. The general force utilization of your LED Tape is significant with regards to choosing an appropriate force supply, and bigger force supplies commonly cost more. In the event that you find that you can set aside cash this path by utilizing the 3528 it could merit doing as such.

The last place of examination is cost. Justifiably, 5050 chips, with their higher light yield, cost more than 3528. You may wind up paying as much as five pounds for each meter more for a strip that uses 5050 chips and, especially in bigger arrangements, this could wind up setting you back more cash. This merits considering for any individual who is working top a limited spending plan.